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Increase approvals.   

Maximize efficiency.   

Empower your team.

Underwriting with Machine Learning

Increase Approvals

Find and identify more good business customers and fewer bad ones. Use more of the data you already have and combine it with the big data we bring in for you.

Maximize Efficiency

Keep operating costs low while simultaneously empowering your employees with Creditive's AI-based lending software

Happy Customers

Connected devices have put more control in the hands of customers, placing them at the center of the banking industry. Smart access to capital is what SMEs want.
We simplify and ease access to business finance.

Benefits for Creditors

Increase approvals

Provide your customers a fair chance to apply for business credit and use Creditive's marketing tools to acquire new, profitable business customers.

Assess risk better

Reduce losses and analyze the repayment capabilities of each borrower with Creditive's prediction indicators.

Empower your team​

Automate credit analysis work, so your team can focus on building strong relationships with customers.

Know your customer (KYC)

Make sure you are doing business with the right counterparts who share your fundamental values.​

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Make the world a better place by taking responsibility and ensuring that no dirty money passes through your organisation.​

Deployment and Monitoring

Use your own systems. Creditive's automated tools are hosted in the cloud and can easily integrate into your existing applications

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